Picture the cutest Kolhapuris embellished with a dreamcatcher and Pom Poms! The prettiest sight just popped up right? So those cute pom-poms in pop colours all over your earrings, scarves and kolhapuris is how Krafted With Happiness is making us jump up with joy!

Some of the most remarkable things they've on offer include quirky lighters, pom pom kolhapuris (obviously), killer notebooks, cute lanterns and vibrant fringy bags and clutches. 

You know what's the cherry on top? Like everybody else in the market, these guys are not ripping you off and actually have pretty decent prices. Go check out their website now!

Shop Online Here | http://www.kraftedwithhappiness.com/
Here's Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/krafted.with.happiness/