Dilli Glutton

Kimchi Omurice, Dubu Jjigae & Lots More Authentic Korean Delicacies HERE In MKT!

Looking for some authentic Korean grub? Well we’ve got the right place for you! Busan Korean Restaurant in Majnu Ka Tilla is the one place you have to go check out for some yummy tummy Korean food! 

They’ve got all kindsa authentic Korean dishes like the classic Yachae Bibimbap, Kimchi Omurice, Dubu Jjigae, Miyeok Guk, Karebap, Kimbap, Kimchi Shin Ramyun, and so much more. This ain’t all, they’ve also got some Korean Pancakes guys - YES! 

So on your next visit to Majnu Ka Tilla, this is where you should go fill your tummy at now! Authentic and super delicious as we’ve heard from reviews, we can’t wait to go gorge on some yummy food from here ourselves!  

Meal For Two | Rs 900
Where | Busan Korean Restaurant, Ground Floor, House 9B, Block 10, New Aruna Nagar, Majnu Ka Tilla
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/busanrestaurantdelhi