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Keychains from Krabi, Apparel from Amsterdam - Wanderlust by Sahiba Has Traipsed All Over The World For You

Here's a little preview of all you can get at Wanderlust - keychains from Krabi, adorable pouches from Phuket, apparel from Amsterdam, accessories from France and much more. We're already sold!

Why we choose Wanderlust by Sahiba? They've got Minion mason jars, red heels as a phone stand, owl sanitisers, macaron earphones and what not! Quirky accessories is just part of the fun - we're also big on their awesome slings, gorgeous earrings, cute home decor items and cool tin boxes for storage.

Their stuff is overwhelmingly charming and you cannot just walk out empty handed! Check it out!

Get Your Fix Here | HS 26, Kailash Colony Market