Slurping on an icy chuski is the best way to beat the unbearable heat of Delhi. We mean what could be better than a flavourful barf ka gola in this weather?! Nothing at all! Delhi is quite experimentative when it comes to its food including chuskis with offbeat flavours like Fruit Beer, Rabri, Gulkand, Coffee Chuski and what not! Find out where to grab on these delicious lollies.

1. Shikara Lovely Chuski

Shikara, lovingly called Pappu, sells the best chuski in town. You can find him near India Gate, where he sets up his stall at 8 PM and closes at midnight. He has been doing so for many, many years and is quite popular amongst the locals and tourists alike. His Kala Khatta and Khas Chuski are all time favourites. The best part is that his chuskis are made with mineral water and the syrups used are original and of high standards. 

Location | Shikara Lovely Chuski - Rajpath Area, India Gate
Price Per Chuski | Rs 30 Onwards

2. Chuski Da Chaska

The eatery serves more than 66 varieties of chuski *wide eyed* and believe us, each flavour has a charm of its own. Bringing an army of flavours that you could never even imagine, this outlet wins you over in no time. Among the flavours available here are Butterscotch, Kiwi, Coffee, Kewra, Gulkand, Rose, Chocolate, Rabri, Wine, Tea, Milk Malai, Fanta, Cola, Fruit Beer, Red Chilli, Jeera, Anjeer, Sauf and oh so many more!

Location | Chuski Da Chaska - G-16, Aggarwal Millenium Tower I, NSP
Price Per Chuski | Rs 60 Onwards
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3. Charan Singh Chuski & Kulfi

Charan Singh, the famous kulfi guy in South Ex II is no more than a street side van serving the most awesome kulfis (think Jamun, Anjeer, Mango, Paan etc.) besides delicious chuski - we love their Kala Khatta chuski served for 40 bucks - go try! 

Location | Charan Singh Chuski & Kulfi - Parking Lot Of South Extension II
Price For One Chuski | Rs 80 Onwards

4. Prince’s Paan Corner

Yes, the place is known more for its delicious and spicy chaats and paan, but it does some great chuskis too that are hygienic and made with mineral water only. You must try their Lemon and Khas Chuskis. A particular favourite is the Tiranga Chuski which consists of three flavours- lemon, rose, and green cardamom so go explore GK with a chuski in your hand - a truly unforgettable experience! 

Location | Prince’s Paan Corner - GK I & Preet Vihar
Price For One Chuski | Rs 30 Onwards
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5. SSK Fruit Flavored Chuski

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One of North Campus’ all time favourite, S SK Fruit Flavoured Chuski is located in the heart of Kamla Nagar Market. His Mango and Combo Chuskis are something you CANNOT miss out on! So get your gang together and scamper over to this one and try out their delicious khatti meethi chuski! 

Location | SSK Fruit Flavored Chuski - Near Spark Mall, Kamla Nagar

So, if you’re planning to go out shopping in the scorching sun, then we say pick your hat, your best pair of shades, your shopping list and your fave chuski that’ll keep you cool even under the hot ball!