Kat-Katha is an NGO that works towards the betterment of the children and women that live in the brothels of G.B. Road district of New Delhi. Their aim is to help these women become successful entrepreneurs and show them a ray of hope in life.

They initiated a new program on the 13th of August called the ‘Maitri Meals’. The whole idea behind this is to build a connection with the public via the best medium possible - food! For the past two months, two didis from G.B.Road had been cooking for the volunteers of Kat-Katha and their cooking skills have become top notch and they’re ready to supply to the public!

Recently, they shared these meals with people on the G.B.Road and the response was fabulous!

Kat-Katha’s been doing a wonderful job and we can’t wait for these Maitri Meals to hit the public. Let’s take a step ahead towards the betterment of the city!  

Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/KatKathaStories/