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Just Broke Up? Come Smash Phones & TVs To Vent Your Frustration @ The Break Room!

Super frustrated about something in life? Don’t worry, head on over to The Break Room in Gurugram and get over your anger by smashing everything in sight!

A new venture called The Break Room in Gurgaon is now providing a place for its patrons to go absolutely berserk and demolish things to unleash their fury and frustration. A description on the website states that in case your boss is giving you a hard time, or your ex just got married or god forbid - you were stuck in godawful Delhi traffic for hours, and you just need to let loose, head on over to the The Break Room and break everything *gleeful smile*!

The price ranges from Rs 199 to 1,000 bucks (only!) and all your frustration can be kissed goodbye! They purchase items that are junk or in a non-working condition and once they’re thrashed here, they send them for recycling. Destructive AND constructive! 

Whether it’s a phone that you’re looking at breaking or utensils, a TV set, printer or desktop, they’ve got everything all ready for ya. Plus, if you want to break your own product(s), bring ‘em along! 

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Price |
Rs 199 - 1,000
Where | SCO 309, Basement, Sector Road, Sector 29, Gurugram
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