Dilli Glutton

Juicy, Crispy Burgers & Hot Dogs Delivered Fresh Till 4 AM By These Angels In South Delhi!

Hunger waits for no man! It can poke you in-between boring office meetings or after those long lectures and classes but the pangs are worst during the late odd hours of night! We know we can always trust Maggi, but we crave variety and for all you night owls, we have an amazing solution - check it out!

Midnight Munchies Cured! | Burning the midnight oil with you guys are the lovely people from Dogs On Wheels who come out in the dark and fight the hunger monsters for y’all! Open till 4 AM in the morning, these guys are gonna be your new 3 AM friends who feed you their yummy hot dogs and burgers!

They have a variety of hot dogs like Mushroom & Oats Dog, BBQ Chicken Hot Dog, Lamb Chili Dog Melt and so much more on their menu that you have something new to try everyday! And that’s not all, they have Curried Veg Burger, Chicken Ham & Cheese Burger and tons more on the menu that we’ve already made a list of what we’re ordering every night. These guys are gonna be angels for all the late night campers in South Delhi.  

So add their number on your speed-dials ‘cause these people are gonna be your new BFFs! 

Timings | 6 PM - 4 AM
Meal For Two | Rs 650
Call Them Up To Order | +91 9899 390 377 & +91 9899 390 766
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/dogsonwheelsdelhi/