Dilli Glutton

#JugaaduKhaana - We Recommend Trying Kurkure Bhutta @ The Jugaad Bar

Rains and cravings go hand in hand and for those of you who've been dreaming of the classic corn on the cob or as we call it "Bhutta", Jugaad Bar has the craziest concoction to entice you!

Kurkure Bhutta For The Win | Roasted just right and encrusted with the zesty crumbled Kurkure chips, they've created a Jugaadu dish that all you foodies are really going to dig. This dish costs 210 bucks.

We've all had our share of fusion food and whipped up jugaadu delicacies at home but as always Jugaad Bar takes the cake. Go get some of that tangy awesomeness!

Head On Over | 10, Defence Colony