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Jazz Up Your Rooms With These Super Quirky Handcrafted Guitar-Shaped Storage Shelves!

So Delhi 21 Aug 2019


Don’t we all just love the idea of decorating our rooms in such a way that it has a dreamy vibe to it? Speaking of which, we just came across this Insta store that does quirky shelves that will certainly add cheer to your space!

Bring Home Guitar-Shaped Storage Shelves | Pine&Lime is an Insta store that does pretty home decor items and boy, are they quirky! We’re talking about their vibrant guitar-shaped storage shelves which are insanely pretty and handy to boot. These shelves come in the shape of acoustic guitars which are then hand-painted in a variety of designs and accessorised - nice!

The price range of these beautifully handcrafted shelves falls anywhere between Rs 2,900 to Rs 4,500 - depending on how heavily accessorised it is. To get your hands on them, all you’ve gotta do is DM them on Insta and voila - they’ll be yours! Fairly easy, ain’t it?  

Go ahead and check ‘em out - we bet you won’t be able to resist snapping them up!

Price | Rs 2,900 Onwards
Call Them | +91 8870 583 050
DM Them On Insta For Orders |
Check Out Their FB Page |