A lot of pet cafes have been popping up in the capital city where you can cuddle all those cute doggos and have a meal with them. But renting a dog for a few hours or even *YASS* an entire day? Now that’s unheard of! 

Furry Cuddles On Rent | Started by Jaipur-based dog behaviourist Viren Sharma, Mad About Dogs (MAD) gives you puppies and doggos on rent! Cool! After wowing Jaipur, now they’re heading for Delhi! 

These guys are planning to launch about 100 MAD centres across India including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore over the next 12 months! Wow! 

The idea behind giving cute doggos on rent is to relieve people of their work-life stress and give them some time off to play around and enjoy with the friendliest creatures on the planet! Isn’t this the best thing ever to snap you out of that monotonous grind of office life?

The dogs available on rent will include stray ones rescued from different parts of the city, and all of them will be properly trained by professionals. 

And in addition to renting dogs, you can also leave your doggos here if you have plans to escape for the weekend. These MAD centers, apart from renting doggos, will also have salon facilities including a spa, hotel and more! These guys are also planning to open a canine behavioural institute in Jaipur, which is touted to be the first-of-its-kind in the country! 

Stay tuned for more deets on the launch!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times

Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/MADmadaboutdogs/