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It's Time To Stop Cribbing About The Pollution & Do Something! Read On For Things We Can Do

With the pollution level in Delhi having reached it’s highest peak, there’s no good that’ll come from our cribbing and crying about it. And so, taking matters into our own hands, we’ve curated a little list of things that will help reduce the pollution level! 

Firstly, switch off the engine of your car or bike while standing still at a signal or waiting for someone. Secondly, if you see anyone burning leaves, kindly stop them and educate them about the hazardous effects of the same. Thirdly, since some of you can’t give up smoking, please stub the cigarette properly and don’t let even a bit burning, since that just spreads more and more tobacco smoke everywhere. 

Fourthly, regularly get your vehicles' maintenance checked, as this will help you save up on 3-4% of petrol overall. Along with this, one more advice we’d like to give to you is - stop your Delhi/NCR ‘gedi’ scenes, there are nice places to chill at closer to home also! Why burn extra petrol when you can hang out near your house?

These are just a few simple options that we’d beseech you to follow religiously. Because it’s easy to talk about how the pollution level is rising, but very difficult to actually do anything to help reduce it!