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It's Time to Apparate Yourselves to Sploosh Design's Exciting Do HP & the Fragrant Latte at Cafe Red!

Accio readers! We're here to tell you about an event that revolves around Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and the boy who has given a lot of us one of the most fantastical stories of our life. The iconic series by J.K. Rowling has seeped deep into our hearts and it is more than just fair to say that Harry Potter is a phenomenon we have adored, respected and admired. Not to forget, the work had given us (and continues to do so) the one element we had always wished for, magic! 

Well, in the light of this overtly sentimental emotion, we would like to introduce you to Sploosh Design’s fabulous event - Harry Potter and the Fragrant Latte @ Cafe Red in Shahpur Jat this Sunday; a fun and joyous celebration of the release of the eighth Harry Potter book and to accentuate this glorious moment, the event has the most perfect complement to literature - caffeine. So people, alohomora this article to know all about the event’s details!

Lumos, The Event’s Deets

Apart from the big giveaway that the title is, the event is mostly about the celebration of the launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which is due for release on the 31st of July, and thus, the date for the event could not get better than this! The itinerary includes an evening full of merriment and joy, with numerous activities, to wit - the immortal charm of board games, magical conversations and the aroma of coffee to impress upon everyone’s heart. Yes, the event does sound amazing, for who could resist a day full of magic, games, coffee, cosy seating and the wonder that is Harry Potter?

Special Attention | An interesting activity of the event (that deserves a separate mention here) is the dramatic reading of the 'Cursed Child' that is to be performed at the event. The organisers have assured us that there will not be any spoilers throughout this reading and what a delight this part of the event has proven to be!

Who is The Event For?

For all the varied of kinds of Potterheads that are out there in Delhi, the event is dedicated to you and the only thing you need to have to fully enjoy the event is affection (or maybe obsession?) for the series. But, make sure the young Potterhead is above 10 years. Even Hogwarts does not send out letters to budding wizards before they're ten!

Why You Need to be Here

The event is everything that a Harry Potter fan could ever dream of. Similar to the fashion of conventions like Comic Con around the world, the event welcomes cosplay with an open heart and Sploosh Design has worked hard to cater the motifs of the Harry Potter world in the most justified way. Further, the event is at Cafe Red and if you have not already seen this wonderful place, then we strongly suggest you do, because the food, the ambience and the overall experience will surely work an immobulus charm on you (read: you will not want to leave the place).

So if you love the Harry Potter books or movies, or if you know someone who is incorrigibly in love with either, or even if you have a penchant for plays, coffee, discussions, etc., the event will not disappoint you. The event is sure to stupefy you!

So come on people, grab your respective house’s robes, step on your broomsticks (or apparate if you are old enough) and step into Cafe Red for this delightful event. As J.K. Rowling had famously said, “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”.

Message From The Organisers | We've got a juicy inside tip for the interested people, the organisers told us to “be sure to introduce yourself to Bellatrix at the event”. Interesting, isn’t it?

Where | Cafe Red, 5-G, Ground Floor, Shahpur Jat
When | Sunday, 31st July
Timings | 5 - 8 PM
Entry | Free
Check Out The FB Invite |