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It's The #DoneThing Guys! We've Got a Cool New Errand App For Y'all

Picture Credits: Rasta_in

Often the daily errands on your to-do list are just too long to accomplish in a day, and it all gets out of hand right? So to offer a helping hand, DoneThing is like an online on-demand personal assistant that offers to do your daily tasks for ya!

Picking, Dropping & Delivering | You can ask them to shop for you, pick, drop and deliver things and also accomplish other miscellaneous errands. So getting a coffee in for work or picking up your laundry wouldn't seem like such a burden with this app!

They've also got a DoneThing Specials section, where you can find some amazing deals on food, groceries, gifting items etc around you.

So don't get worked up about not being able to fulfill your ceaseless to-do list, count on DoneThing to do it for you!

Get it on Android Here |