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It's About Time! The Trees of Delhi to be Protected by the Environment Dept.

With foul air having earned Delhi the tagline of the ‘most populated city in the world’, it’s high time the city honoured it’s green belt! The government’s honoured the heritage buildings and forts of the city and now it’s time to extend this to the trees too.

A list of 10 trees from the natives of Aravalli and NCR belt have been selected. These will soon be tagged as ‘protected’ by the government, just like the city’s monuments. They will be adorned with signboards showcasing warnings against damage, their botanical values and any historical stories will be based around them.

The native trees of Delhi like jamun, peepal, pilkhan, shehtoot and many more are getting lost now. The very few that do exist have served the city for at least 100-200 years and thus deserve protection!

Finally the slogan Green Delhi, Clean Delhi will be followed practically! 

Sourced via India Today