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It's Getting Worse Guys - Gurgaon's Facing an Acute Water Crisis

The ongoing water crisis has affected several parts of Delhi NCR quite severely and many areas are still struggling. Gurgaon was hit hard and an advisory by the Gurgaon Administration has been issued stating any kind of water wastage would be a punishable offence. Time to buckle up!

Till the acute shortage of water persists, washing your car or watering plants in your garden can land you in deep trouble. Sources say that bringing the situation under control can take upto 10 days and till then everybody would have to adhere to these stern rulings.

We’ve heard unending rants on preserving water but in a case of such emergency it’s not just a warning anymore, and an FIR can be lodged against you so stay in the safe and do not misuse water! 

Information as seen on India Today