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Instead of Bitching About The Heat, Go Slurp Up Some Heavenly Mango Kulfi @ Kulfiano

Picture Credits: psychologyofeating

'Tis the season of succulent, juicy and zesty mangos, and we being crazy mango addicts know that there's nothing better to beat the heat with than a plate of chilled Mango Kulfi *starry eyed*! 

It's basically a frozen mango that's stuffed with their divine kulfi (woah!). For the rest of you who're not big on mangos, you can try their Paan, Kiwi, Kesar Pista or cool Blackcurrant flavors!

A regular kulfi here costs approximately Rs 50 (only). Kulfiano is a real treat for kulfi lovers folks! Go try.

They've Got Multiple Outlets Across Delhi NCR