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Indulge in Custom, Personalized & Heavenly Scented Candles by Niana

Luscious Scented Soy Candles by Niana are the cutest personalised candles that you'll come across. They've got an entire range of signature scents, and if you've got specific demands they can whip up desired scents custom-made for you too.

A few fragrances to look out for amongst their signature range : Eternal Romance, Mandarin Lime, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Pink Passion, Mediterranean Breeze, Vanilla, Mystique, Mogra and Bamboo Grove. We're already heady just thinking about these!

They also do scents inspired by festivals like Christmas and Diwali. Get these sweet fragrances and light up your space! An average scented candle will cost you Rs 825 here.

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