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India's First Stoner Movie, We Can't Wait to Catch M Cream! Here's Why You Need to See This

Delhi are you ready for an intoxicating and wild road trip out on a quest for hash? You're going to fall in love with this new movie - M Cream, that's all about capturing the pulse of today's youth!

This story revolves around Figs, a typical cynic who gets thrown off-track after a sudden scarcity of hash, and then gets involved with a motley crew of fellow students on a quest to attain M Cream, a mythical form of hash. Intriguing!

This film brings the rebellious nature and pressing issues of the youth to the forefront. After being acclaimed across the world, it's finally hitting the Indian theatres and we hope it reaches the audiences it's been made for.

This one's one of the most unusual films to hit the Indian theatres. Are you up for some rebellious drama?

Release Date | 22nd July
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