We told you previously about this superb smart and green highway which is soon gonna help decongest the capital, and we’re back with more deets on it! Scroll on!

An Environment-Friendly Highway | PM Narendra Modi is going to launch India’s first smart and green highway this very month! Called the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, this novel highway is an environment-friendly expressway which aims at decongesting the entire capital by diverting approximately 2 lakh vehicles that bypass the city daily*OMG!*. That basically means that the pollution levels will come down drastically, which is sorely needed! 

This six-lane expressway will also be equipped with highway traffic management system, which includes Variable Message Signs (VMS) CCTV, Video Incident Detection System (VIDS), Warning Devices, Over Speed Checking System, Weigh-in-Motion, Pavement Management Systems and a Fiber Optic Network, plus solar lights and a closed tolling system wherein fee collections will be made only on the distance travelled and not the entire length of the highway. Now that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Can’t wait for this to be launched already!

Sourced Via News18