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If you love looking out of the windows in a moving train and gazing at the picturesque views then hear this - Indian Railways is all set to introduce glass-ceiling trains and we can’t sit calm anymore!

A Glass-Ceiling Train?! | You heard us right, fellas! Kashmir is soon gonna have its very own vistadome train with glass ceiling *YAY*! So basically, admiring all those beautiful landscapes and snow-capped peaks is now gonna be easier and more fun. 

In a bid to promote tourism in Kashmir, the Railway Ministry has proposed a 40-seater luxury train to Kashmir, in which the seats will have extra legroom, and will come with push-back options and rotation options. And the BEST part, you can actually control the transparency of the glass *NAICE*! This RAD train will also have GPS, television screens and automatic sliding compartment doors.

Looks like long-due trip to Kashmir is about to happen soon *huge grins*! We can’t wait for these trains to get rollin’! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India