Picture Credits: Raj k Raj

Gone are the days when metro stations sported bland whitewashed walls and mundane structures. These days, metro stations are all about exploring art and culture! And we can’t stop gazing at the beautiful paintings and art adorning the metro walls, now can we? Which is why we bring to you the hidden treasure that is INA Metro Station!

Mesmerizing Art @ INA MS | Did you regular metro-travellers know that INA Metro Station has a crafts gallery with 58 panels showcasing some amazing paintings and handlooms by national award-winning artists from all over the country? *Say whaa!* 

You heard us peeps. Some really striking and remarkable art work that you should defo watch out for the next time you go there include a Mithila painting from Bihar, Terracotta tiles from Rajasthan, Tanjore paintings from Tamil Nadu, Pithora paintings from Gujarat and MANY more! *Wow!* 

Make sure you get a selfie with these artworks here! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times