So Delhi

In The Limelight Today is Our Favorite Cartoonist, IGer & Witty Charmer - Neha Doodles!

It's said you should take the road not taken and do what you love! Although very few people really follow this, Neha Sharma decided to follow her heart and abandoned her CA studies to take up illustration as a full time job and we couldn't be happier!

This self-taught illustrator and cartoonist pursuing doodling as her career finds humour in everyday things related to Delhi, life as we know it and everything in between.

You can usually find her doodling on ice creams, stray dogs, Zara bags - et al, making a comical scene out of workaday things! Yes, she really is that awesome and that's exactly why we love following her life through her doodles. You should too!

Here's Her Instagram Handle | @neha.doodles