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In Honor of Janamashtmi, Old World Culture is Putting on a Namaste Jaishree Krishna Play!

On the event of Janamashtmi, Old World Culture presents a play called ‘Namaste Jaishree Krishna’ featuring illustrious artists like Ila Arun, K.K. Raina and Abhishek Pandey among manyothers. 

This play is all about the new world where barriers are shrinking, and traditions and social values are struggling to keep up with the new generation. It discusses the issues of non-belief and the importance of miracles in today’s life. 

This play is a perfect combination of philosophy with good humour and laughter, plus festivity with sadness and nostalgia. It’s a play meant to be enjoyed by people aged 12 years and above. 

With a cast that includes the legendary Ila Arun, you really wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!

Where | Sathya Sai Auditorium, Lodhi Road, Bhishm Pitamah Marg
When | Sunday, 28th August
Timings | 7 PM 
Tickets |  Rs 1,500, 1,200, 1,000, 800 & 500 (Available at The Venue)