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In Conversation With The Enterprising 'Adaakari' Aastha Jain, Founder of Quirky Jewellery Store Adaayeinh

It’s no surprise that Delhi loves ethnicity and creativity. A lot of people have not just roamed the stalls in Janpath or Dilli Haat, but have also gone online to search for the perfect piece of clothing or jewellery that best expresses their style. Adaayeinh, a business venture by a young DU-ite (currently pursuing Bachelors in English from Ramjas), Aastha Jain, has gained quite a reputation for itself because of some truly creative products, with the earrings and jhumkis being all the rage, especially amongst the students. So we had a heart-to-heart with her and here's all about it!

What is Adaayeinh and how did you conceive the idea for it?

I come from a very humble background and even though my parents have provided me with the best of things, they also taught me the value of those things. Growing up, money did not hold a lot of value to me. But I soon realised that it has the power to change a lot of lives. Since then I was always on the lookout for the inspiration to start something new since working under people never really interested me.

So my two best friends and I started working on Adaayeinh. We're all crazy about earrings and saw the lack of designs currently available. Providing girls with top quality earrings at affordable rates was our motto. So we began designing them, got in touch with artists to get them produced and voila!

And what's your story? What drove you towards this idea?

My love affair with earrings started when my best friend gifted me my first pair and then there was no stopping me. It was often disheartening that the prices of the big brands did not match my budget, and being a DU student, I'm always on a budget. So among the other things, providing beautiful and pocket friendly jewellery to crazy girls was the motivation to start Adaayeinh.

Exactly what kind of products and services does Adaayeinh provide?

Adaayeinh provides you with Boho and ethnic earrings. We have large statement pieces as well as small earrings for everyday use. Jhumkis ,however, remain our hot sellers! We don’t charge DU students for delivery charges, as all the colleges are so close so I generally meet up with the girls and give them their orders myself; otherwise we charge a minimal amount of Rs 50 for delivery.

What according to you, makes Adaayeinh so unique and different from the rest?

The earrings and the prices. People who shop from Adaayeinh constantly tell me how different our earrings are. We also offer cute Boho rings and necklaces as well. Starting from Rs 60, our price range does not go beyond Rs 300, keeping the student budget in mind.

How have the people in Delhi received you?

Oh it’s been so heart-warming! Specially my classmates in Ramjas, they gave me such a boost and provided me with so much confidence that it made me believe I can pull this off.

How do you juggle the realms of personal life, academics and business?

While my parents have been extremely supportive, they make sure that the business doesn’t get in the way of my studies. Otherwise, it has been a smooth sail, as most of my customers are in DU and they are kind enough to coordinate with me.

What according to you, makes Delhi ‘So Delhi’?

I think it’s the people that make Delhi ‘So Delhi’. I mean it’s the perfect combination of fashionable people with caring hearts that really expresses Delhi. They look good and they do good.

What does Adaayeinh signify and promote, according to you?

Delhi is the fashion hub of India but sadly, it’s not all that affordable. Honestly, it's a little sad. So I aim at providing affordable fashion. Also, I keep aside a share of my profits for the betterment of our stray dogs and other animals as one day I aim at doing something substantial for the animals; till then Adaayeinh serves as support for generating the funds for it.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers or budding artists like yourself?

I would like to say that now is the time! If you have an idea and the zeal to work towards its implementation and success, there’s nothing that could stop you!

Well, there you go, Delhi. A fantastic young entrepreneur, with not just a commendable venture but also an altruistic heart.

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