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In Answer to Kejriwal's Warning Tweet, Uber & Ola Have Suspended Surge Pricing During Odd Even

Picture Credits: Your Story

Uber and Ola hiking their fares corresponding to the demand of cabs, has always troubled us, but in times of Odd Even it's nothing short of a nightmare! So in answer to our prayers, Arvind Kejriwal had recently threatened to cancel permits of cabs who continue to charge hiked fares and it's official now - Ola and Uber have suspended peak pricing.

Although this is only a temporary fix, even though the demand for cabs has increased monumentally during these 2 weeks, Ola and Uber would be charging the rates prescribed by the government and you wouldn't have to shell out a penny more!

We're so pleased that the Delhi government is trying their level best to help us get through the Odd Even period!

Information As Seen On The Huffington Post