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In An Attempt To Combat Long Queues, You Can Now Withdraw Cash @ Petrol Pumps In Delhi!

With this demonetization taking a toll on everyone’s life, here’s a little good news for everyone out there. Long queues at banks and ATMs will now shrink a little because 2,500 petrol pumps all over the city will now offer the facility to withdraw Rs 2,000 via your debit/credit cards! 

Yes it’s true guys, Rs 2,000 in cash per person, per day can be withdrawn by swiping your credit/debit cards in POS (Point Of Sale) machines at various petrol pumps. This facility will be extended up to 20,000 petrol pumps. Excellent move!

Hopefully now the foot traffic at ATMs will ease off a little and things will get slightly better. Get ready to stand in other lines now guys! 

Sourced via Business Standard