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In a First, Delhi Govt. Has Got So Much Planned for School Goers this Summer

Another great initiative and a first of its kind - the Delhi Government has taken it upon themselves to organise a summer camp for kids hosting various activities. Focusing on three themes - food, water and waste recycling it's an attempt to make education interesting by blending it with fun activities!

These camps are being held for students in class 6 across more than 500 government schools. They'd be taught everything starting from eating habits of Mahatma Gandhi to creating advertisements for restaurants. 

Along with this, students will also be asked to make a scrapbook namely Hamari Dilli describing all that they've learnt and experienced in Delhi.

Although this will be a six day activity starting from 11th May and ending on 31st May, every Saturday will be an Open Day where schools will organise their own activities and parents would be invited too.

Kudos to them - we’re sure this step will go a long way in honing the skills of children in a fun way!

Via India Today