IKEA is launching a 1,000-seater Swedish Restaurant in Hyderabad with their all-new first ever outlet in Delhi as well! YAY! 

*Can’t keep calm!*

IKEA, a Swedish multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture appliances and home accessories, is all set to open its restaurant store in Hyderabad. The store will feature 7,500 furniture and home furnishing products and a 1,000-seater restaurant serving healthy and nutritious Indian and Swedish dishes.

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Post this particular store launch, IKEA plans on opening about 25 stores in total across 9 cities in India and all these stores will be of various sizes like the ones scattered across the planet. They’re planning on serving healthy food at affordable prices in all their stores in India to order to attract more and more people to come and dine/shop here! 

Though this one is opening in Hyderabad, we’re just waiting for the dates for the Delhi outlet to be out soon! YAY!

Sourced Via Franchise India