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IIT Delhi is Launching Its Very First Women's Entrepreneurship Mentorship Programme & We're Super-Impressed!

IIT Delhi is launching its first Women's Entrepreneurship And Empowerment Premium Mentorship Programme on the 1st of October, and it's free of cost! This Programme aims towards training women entrepreneurs for three months so that they can run their own start ups!

30 chosen women entrepreneurs will be trained by the institute’s Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer and Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Foundation. They will have access to the IIT campus, and their professors and industry experts will train these women to work on their projects. 

During these three months, the women will get to meet industry specialists, mentors and other successful entrepreneurs. The Programme is open for women candidates, even students, with no specific qualifications required.

Their main motive is towards mentoring these ladies well, because a lot of times people have wonderful ideas, but just don’t know how to make them work out! 

The last date for signing up is 21st August, so get in there quickly! 

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Sourced via Hindustan Times