If You're A Man (Illegally) Travelling In The Ladies' Compartment, You Could End Up In Jail!

Life In Dilli Metro 30 Aug 2017

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Men listen up, now climbing into the women’s compartment can land you into some major trouble! Not that earlier it didn’t, but now things will be stricter! 

Men caught travelling in the women’s coach of the Delhi Metro more than once will be handed over to the police right away! DMRC has come up with a slew of new directions to curb the practice of men travelling in the coach reserved for women. 

Train operators, on receiving information about men travelling in the reserved coaches, either through the passenger emergency alarm or in person, will have to inform the authorities to take charge in removing such commuters. 

The authorities will keep a check on these men as if caught a second time, they’ll be handed over to the police straightaway! 

Sounds good to us! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India