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If You're a Jock or a Fitness Freak, It's Time to Register For Adidas Uprising 2.0 Happening Across 6 Cities!

Encouraging sports and fitness, Adidas organised Adidas Uprising last year and it was a grand celebration of sports to say the least! They’re now back to redefine greatness and celebrate your favourite sport. You can't miss it, for this year it’s only going to be bigger and better!

The two day event will take place in various stadiums, sports centres and parks across 6 cities namely Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune. 

Sports to Choose From | Whether you're a sports junkie or a fitness freak, Adidas Uprising has got you covered! You can choose from a myriad of sports and activities like Athletics, Aqua Workout, Badminton, Cricket, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Phantom Workout, Yoga, Zumba, Wall Climbing, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby and more. According to your sport, you can choose your team ranging from U9 to 30+, open and corporate. 

All you have to do is get yourself registered in a team according to your favourite sport which costs Rs 100 - Rs 1,000 depending on the sport and you're good to get your game on! 

The track is ready so don't hold back and let this be your mantra #UprisingStartsWithMe.

Where & When | Bengaluru (1st - 2nd Oct), Chennai (15th - 16th Oct), Delhi (12th - 13th Nov) Chandigarh (26th - 27th Nov), Mumbai (10th - 11th Dec) and Pune (17th - 18th Dec).
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