Delhi Dweller

If You Habitually Refuse to Pay Heed to Ambulance Sirens And Not Give Way to Them, Get Ready to be Fined!

Picture Credits: Metro Hospital Faridabad

Nobody's time is as invaluable and priceless as that of an ambulance transporting a patient, and yet mostly we find motorists obstructing their way.

Taking swift action in response to this, Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister, has flagged off state-of-theart gadgetry as a part of Delhi Government's 'Home to Hospital Care' emergency response medical service.

According to this initiative, ambulances will be equipped with cameras that'll record the license plates of the vehicles in front and those who refuse to give way will be fined with a penalty of Rs 2,000. We support this new measure wholeheartedly!

Keeping a heavy hand is how this kind of a problem should be dealt with! Way to go.

Information as seen on Indian Express