The Original Food Truck Festival - Pepsi presents Horn OK Please is trooping back in town this weekend and we CANNOT keep calm! Like each edition, this time too, tons of hatke and totally offbeat dishes are up for grabs at this fest. And to help you out a li’l, we handpicked 9 quirky dishes that you HAVE to try out, scroll on!

1. Black Ice Cream By Creme Borne 

The black ice-cream fever is soaring high in the city and to give you a taste of just that, Creme Borne is coming to this fest *YAY*! They’re bringing in their famous Black soft serve Ice Cream, the Brownville and the green hued-Vanilla Crust and we’re can’t wait for the sugar rush to kick in!

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2. Magic Masala Fries By The J 

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The J has truly redefined fries for all of us! They’re gonna serve more than 25 varieties of fries at this fest and we can’t wait to get our hands on their Magic Masala Fries! These fries will be a perfect mixture of fried Maggi, chilli garlic and loads of mozzarella cheese *yum, yum*! Skipping this one is not even an option!  

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3. Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicle By Take Home Chef

What could be better than an icey cool popsicle of our favourite flavours to beat this heat? Absolutely nothing! And the amazing people from Take Home Chef are heading to this fest with their RAD varieties of popsicles and we CANNOT wait to get our hands on the Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicle and the Oreo Pudding Popsicle - we’re already drooling! 

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4. Rum Paan By Eyes On Ice

Move over chocolate and fire paan, it’s time to turn your paans a li’l boozy! The lovely Eyes On Ice will be dishing out Rum Paan at Pepsi presents Horn OK Please and we can’t wait to get high on them! With a tinge of our fave booze added to our beloved paan - this one looks all things RAD!  

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5. Ice-Cream Burger By The FLIP Cafe

These guys at Flip Cafe have put together 2 of our fave dishes - ice creams and burgers and came out with an absolutely mouth-watering Ice-Cream Burger and we can’t wait to get our hands on this one! We mean, imagine digging your teeth into the softness of the burger and getting the sweetness of the ice cream instead of spicy patties *dreamy sigh*! Drooling already?  

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6. Butter Chicken Bunny Chow By BC Times 

The South-African bunny chow just got a desi tadka at this edition of H.O.P! BC Times *such a Delhi name* is adding the all time fave, butter chicken to the good ol' bunny chow and our bhukkad soul just did a happy dance!  

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7. Cotton Candy Waffle By The Waffee

Cotton candy on a waffle? If this isn't magic then what is? The Waffee is coming to this fest with this RAD dish that is served with a dollop of ice cream, lots of Gems and chocolate sauce and of course a cotton candy on the top and we're sooo looking forward to try this one out!

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8. Selfie Imprinted Coffees By Selfie Swag 

If lately your Insta feed has been flooded with your friends posting coffees with their selfies on it then these guys are to blame! The lovelies at Selfie Swag Cafe are coming to this fest and they're bringing their selfie coffees along *YASSS*. So if you haven't had a taste of your own selfie yet then don't forget to drop by this stall.

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9. Ice Cream Tacos From  Le Péche

Thandi thandi ice cream in crispy tacos - now that’s what we call a truly hatke dish! The Ice Cream Tacos from Le Péche come loaded with ice cream *of course*, strawberries, chocolate sauce and teddy bear-shaped wafers *so cute*! So, don’t forget to grab your cool taco to beat the heat! 

And if you're already impressed then come prepared to have your mind blown 'cause more than 50 food trucks are waiting here with scrumptious delicacies for y'all while you lounge at the amazing beer garden from Bira 91 or shop up some cool stuff from the Quirk Bazaar *wide grins*!

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When | Friday - Sunday, 9th - 11th March 
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM 
Where | JLN Stadium, Pragati Vihar 
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