Don’t we all wanna know what’s going inside the head of an author when he’s writing a novel? If you’re nodding your head in a yes then looks like your dream just came true peeps ‘cause the lovelies at DLF Promenade have planned out something really awesome sauce for y’all, check it out! 

Inside The Head Of Your Fave Author | Penguin, in association with DLF Promenade, is hosting a fun-filled evening for all ya avid readers! These guys are calling in popular author Ravinder Singh *YAASSS* for a dialogue with our favourite RJ Stutee from Fever 104 FM to talk about his latest book - ‘Will You Marry Me?’ *NAICE*

The fun doesn’t stop here ‘cause after this interaction sesh there will be a live music performance by The Revisit Project! *YAY*

So, looks like your Friday plans are all sorted! See ya there! 

Entry | Free
When | Friday, 20th April 
Timings |
6 - 8 PM 
Where | DLF Promenade - Vasant Kunj
RSVP On FB Here |