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Hurray! Tokens & Smart Card Recharge Will All Be Done Through The Delhi Metro App Soon!

With literally everything going online these days, the Delhi Metro decided to make things a little easier for us too! Soon metro users will be able to recharge their token and smart metro cards via the Delhi Metro App! Nice!!

After putting their driverless trains and cameras on track, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is all set to give its customer service an all new makeover by firstly increasing the facilities of the Metro App. Currently, the Delhi Metro app is a basic application that provides information on train routes, nearest station, train timings, etc. but soon things are going to change.

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Once the top up system and recharge system gets shifted to the app, life is sure to become a lot easier. No more long queues at Vishwavidyalaya for a basic top up anymore guys.

Let’s hope this happens soon! 

Sourced Via Times Of India