Mehar Luthra

Hungry Kya? We Tell You The Best Places To Break Your Karva Chauth Fast

It's that time of the year again folks, the dressing up like a bride again, relatives and friends fawning over you, getting expensive gifts (think MK bags here) and the purely awesome female rite of the festival - Karva Chauth! But before you exasperatedly exclaim, we know, we know, it's also time for the dreaded fast. Waking up at the crack of dawn, stuffing your faces when you can barely keep your eyes open and then literally not eating or drinking all day long can be a pain (a massive one!). 

So that's where we come into the picture! Since you're wasting away not eating all day long for your SO, have your men make you feel special on this day, and make 'em splurge and take you out for dinner at these fancy-pants places in the city! Read on.