Hunger Station is a one of a kind restaurant on Sohna Road that is steeped in an exotic and diverse food tradition! Bifurcated by styles of cooking they have something for all your cravings as the eatery is divided into 5 unique categories named Steam Pot, Chill Factory, Bake House, Grill ‘n’ Gravy and Stir Fry - yes, they serve what they're named after. It’s a feast, all day every day!

The good news is that Hunger Station will be rolling out their new menu very soon and it’s bigger and better! Various cuisines from around the world is gonna make their way into your hungry tummies with their umami feel as the medley of flavours from around the world burst into a flavourful dance in your mouth! 

Expect Thai Veggies & Fish wrapped in a banana leaf, Indian dishes like Bhuna Gosht, Bhatti ka Murgh and Cream Chicken, Kerala Chili Chicken prepared in its traditional glory, Spanish Omelette, Veg Kulcha, Baked Potatoes, Lasagne, Pastas & Burgers. Whatever you wish to taste, find your best bet here! 

So get ready for some #YummyInYourTummy moments and head on over!

Meal For Two | Rs 800
Where | Spaze i-Tech Park, Tower C, Sohna Road, Sector 49, Gurgaon
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