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*Horn Ok Please*: Tooting Its Way Into Delhi, Here Comes The First Ever Food Truck Fest!

Attention all you foodies! A one-of-a-kind Food Truck Festival is finally happening in Delhi and we’re so excited to head on over.

Bringing together curated food trucks from Delhi NCR, the Horn-Ok-Please Festival guarantees to cover some of the most exotic cuisines such as sushi, Thai, Mexican, Italian and lots more! They’ll also be offering themed entertainment and decoration at the trucks, besides showcasing the latest food trends. *Yass!*

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Also Check | You ought to also have a good look at the various stalls set up to serve yummy beverages, desserts and beer! There will also be some multiple themed performances and acoustic sessions over the course of the two day fest. So expect to catch a good glimpse of some lovely live performances when here, peeps.

Boasting a stellar track record of conducting superb events like GoBuzzinga’s Maggi Festival, Gobuzzinga’s Momo Festival and Street Food Buffet that garnered extraordinary responses by the masses, we’re confident this event is gonna be yet another one to win hearts of hundreds! *We can’t wait for March to come already!*

Dates | 4th & 5th March
Time | 12 - 9 PM
Where | Ansal Plaza, Hudco Place, Khel Gaon Marg