You know what's better than a plate full of scrumptious food? 2-3 plates full of said scrumptious food with tons of starters and dessert options *wide grins*! And looks like the good god of food has bestowed us with a great offer by The Great Kabab Factory. Read on!

Eat, Eat & Repeat | The Great Kabab Factory has laid out THE most awesome sauce buffet with the most delicious dishes waiting for you to gobble ‘em up! Their buffet will feature more than 5 varieties of kebab starters, curries, yummy biryani, various dals, chaach/shorba and 7 desserts *yum, yum* and you can gobble all this up for just Rs 699 *wide eyed* as these lovelies are out with a special early bird brunch buffet offer and we can’t wait to head over already!   

And that’s not all, they also have a special early bird dinner buffet for y’all that starts at Rs 999, so get your squad ready, and come on by!

When | Monday - Friday
Where | The Great Kabab Factory - 1st Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket
Price Per Head | Rs 699 Onwards
Timings | 12 - 5 PM 
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