Dilli Glutton

HKV's Kissing Cousin Aurobindo Market to Add Another Pub - Auro Kitchen & Bar

Aurbindo Market used to be pretty dead in terms of nightlife, but lately, with jaunts like Summer House Cafe and BandStand, the market’s upped its game a lot! Another one being added to the list soon is Auro Kitchen and Bar!

What’s Cooking | The idea here is to create a fusion of modern and Indian concepts and come up with an all-new concept. Usually most Indian cuisine restaurants have all-out formal seating, but this one has a casual Indian dining setup with a carefully crafted menu. 

The restaurant is divided into two halves, one comprises inside seating and the other is an open-air terrace seating. Get this - the terrace has its own unique bar made from shipping containers! Plus, the bar offers a great variety of cocktails and draught beer. 

They’re opening doors soon and we can’t wait to go spend our Saturday night here! 

Where | Aurbindo Market, Hauz Khas
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/aurokitchenbar/