She has been gifted with a voice of a nightingale and juggles between the life of a singer, songwriter and composer. She was also a part of the english music reality show ‘The Stage’. Read on to know more about this multi-talented diva and her take on Delhi.

So tell us what motivated you to become a singer/songwriter!

I think the first step towards writing is feeling and experiencing something strong enough and worth writing about and then recognizing and accepting that feeling. Once that’s done, everything just flows into place almost magically. Songwriting and singing has been my inner calling since ages and there was no way I could have avoided it!

How many songs have you composed so far? Which composition of yours is the closest to your heart?

I have finished composing 12 songs at the moment which are completely my own. My favorite from the EP Much Mellow is Carry Me Home. It’s the first song I wrote and I feel like it truly encapsulates everything I was feeling while growing up. 

However, my current favorite is a song I’m currently working on called Little which is about rejection and feeling small. This is one of the songs I’ve performed with the collective and is now out on BALCONY TV featuring Tarana Marwah on keyboards, Pranav Pahwa on guitars, Anugrah Pandey on Bass and Ishaan Gandhi on Drums. 

How did you come up with your band ‘River’?

Abhilasha Sinha and Tarana Marwah are two of my closest friends. Tarana and I go a long way back (5 years) from working in the same school band / choir to always being by each others side through almost every project. 

Abhilasha and I were together in The Western Music Society Union, LSR as well. The three of us just clicked and connected through our love for choral singing, harmonies, The Staves and just our keenness to make unique and beautiful music. 

Tell us about your experience on ‘The Stage’.

The Stage was one hell of an experience. Being judged for what you do all the time with cameras all around you is pretty scary but I think it was a huge reality check for me. I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to push myself beyond limits and to have a national family of 20 singers and musicians Devraj Sanyal, Monica Dogra, Ehsaan Noorani and Vishal Dadlani. It’s a genuine network of musicians that really respect each other and that’s what is most special for me.

What according to you makes Delhi ‘So Delhi’?

I think there is a reason I’ve only lived in Delhi all my life. I absolutely love the city for its culture, art and food. I think these three things make it stand apart from any other city in the world.

Being a true musician, she shows us how grit and passion are the only things you need for success!