Are you a hardcore meat lover and a hygiene freak who's too difficult to please? No matter how tough a nut you are to crack, Lionfresh's superior quality meats, neatly packed products and impeccable service will without doubt sweep you off your feet.

So Much To Order | The variety you get here is just remarkable! If bacon makes you jump up with joy we can only imagine the delight a bacon steak would bring to you. *happyfaces* 
Also, imagine how happy pork sausages, lamb sausages, pork smoked ham and British style bacon would make you!

Why We're So Pro Lionfresh | Being neat freaks just like us, they vacuum pack everything and pay strict attention to hygiene in the preparation process as well. Plus, with these guys offering everything from cold cuts to slow cooked meats and high end imported meats, how could one not love 'em?

Pssstt.. bacon lovers, they've also got some legendary smoked bacon, so you know there's some serious eating business awaiting you! *wink*

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