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Hey This is Cool! Barakhamba Metro Station May Just Get a New Food Plaza

Delhi Metro’s made our lives so much better with its easy availability and even easier access to every nook and corner of the city. And now they’ve decided to bless the people travelling via the Barakhamba Station with a brand new food plaza! 

Yes, you heard it right, the DMRC is in talks to open a food plaza adjacent to the Barakhamba Metro Station. This station falls on the Blue Line that connects Noida to Vaishali. The DMRC hopes to attract a lot of office-goers to this new food plaza, since Barakhamba houses a lot of corporates. 

However, a very concrete set up might not be constructed, so that it can easily be removed in case any issue crops up.

Get set passengers, Delhi Metro has done it again - we can't wait for this to happen! 

Sourced via The Hindu