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Hey Did You Know That The Walnut App Tells You Which ATMs Have Small Queues?!

Walnut is a mobile app for all your banks and cards - it’s the one app that’ll tell you about each and every transaction that takes place in your account(s). But the one shining point that they’ve recently added to their forte is - via Walnut you can check which ATM near you has a small line and is stocked with money! 

Yes, it’s true! So now you don’t have to go around ‘gedi-ing’ in your car to see  which ATM has a small line and which doesn’t, you can do it all on your phone with one little click. Plus, this will save you the misery of standing in a long long line outside the ATM and watching your dreams crash when the ATM runs out of cash, as it’ll tell you beforehand which ATM actually does have cash! 

Other than this, the app is absolutely free and allows you to track your spending and helps you transfer money to friends too, in just one click!

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