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Heroes W/O Capes NGO Robinhood Army Is Hosting A Food Drive To Feed 1 Million People!

Robinhood Army, an NGO in which, in the dead of the night, when everyone is sleeping or partying, an army of Robins gets to work. These Robins attend their colleges and jobs in the day and bring smiles of joy to the less-privileged and hungry people during the night. This voluntary army strives to feed the hungry with leftover food from restaurants. 

They’ve got an extensive food drive coming up where they aim to feed a million underprivileged people - #Mission1Million!! This campaign is in the honour of Independence Day and all of you can get in touch with them to know how you can do your part. 

With a motive to bring together different sections of the society towards a common goal, i.e. to beat the big devil that is hunger and bring food to a huge mass of the society, the work that this organization is doing is just exemplary!

You can give them a call or drop a DM on their Facebook page to know how to go about the donations from your end. Let’s strive towards this amazing cause and make sure that no one goes to bed on an empty stomach! 

When | 12th - 14th August
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