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Here's Why The Tijara Fort Palace is The Trendiest Neemrana Property to Head Out To

Just like Dharampura Haveli, this one's an old fort that's been beautifully restored and transformed into a gorgeous Palace. The Tijara Fort Palace is fast emerging as one of the finest structures by Neemrana Properties and you've got to see it to believe it!

You can't just call this place a regular hotel - it's more like a grand palace where you get treated royally (awesome!). Gorgeous views of mustard fields, spacious rooms and awesome food whipped up by their special chef - we're planning our trip right now! Are you in?

It's located at a stone's throw from the city - 110 kms - and is the perfect destination for your impromptu road trip plans!

Where It Is | Tijara, Alwar, Rajasthan