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Here's 6 Reasons Why You Don't Want to Miss The Yellow Blossom Spring Summer Exhibition

The new season demands a brand new fashion statement, whether it adds to your exotic collection of designer wear or something that  just suits your drawing room. If you too are up for picking up something exclusive, then nothing will make you more happier than The Yellow Blossom Exhibition to be held on 27th April 2016 at plush Lodhi Hotel and here's exactly what makes it so special! 

1. Bright and Beautiful | Apparel That Will Woo You Immediately

Be it ethnic or western wear, this edition of the Yellow Blossoms Exhibition will have it all! You can find the House of Pink, Miss Ivy and Aawa showcasing their line of Western wear, while the Beautiful Indian line of outfits will be from Vinra, Maisara, Rajh, Satrangi and so many more glitzy designers that you definitely wouldn't want to miss out on! Not just that, they also have a lot to offer for the cute little kids back home from Jellybeans and Odds and Ends by Neha Todi.

Oh, and did we tell you they have this super crazy resort wear from Suku Suku? (Book your tickets to Thailand!). They also bring to your some ravishing nightwear from Jammiezzz, so who is in mood for some super cute pajamas? 

2. Exotic and Antique | Jewellery and Accessories For All Your Special Occasions

Have you been wondering where to get hands on to the perfect jewellery to accompany you to your next big event? Hit the exhibition to find exquisite jewellery from Ritika Sachdev, Thingalicious and Jewels by Mask, just to name a few. For the younger ones, you can choose your accessories from Namrata Kumar, AQ and The Purple Sack

3. Subtle and Fashionable | Home Decor For a Luxurious and Comfortable Stay

Have you been planning to get your table revamped or get new linens? You'll be surprised by the wide collection that this exhibition brings to you for that very purpose. Look out for Ramnika Goyal's latest collection made majorly from bamboo (yay!) to give a more rustic feel to your house. Other designers to look forward to are Trays n Bins and Rakhi Goyal.

4. Organic and Refreshing | Perfect Skin Care Products for Perfect Skin

Are those pimples bothering you too much or is hair fall driving your crazy? You will truly be amazed by the organic range of products that will be on offer here. Look out for Gulnare Skincare and Shuddha Foods (for great cold-pressed juices & almond milk) amidst many others and go over their early, for chances are everything will be sold out pretty quick!

5. Funky Yet Smart | Stationery Perfect for Your Desk

Simply step in, and you won't know when to stop shopping! Each and every item ( we kid you not) will be so fascinating, you might end up in regrets for all that you don't end up buying. Bringing contemporary stationary to you is Diksha Mehta and the cute little ones by Pink Palette, so pick your type and fill up your work desk! 

6. Upper-Crust, Chic and Extravagant 

Lastly, this exhibition is not going to be ordinary like the ones happening hither and thither. Apart from all the stalls, the classic design of the exhibition will leave each and every one of you enthralled. Designed by famous wedding planner Devika Sakhuja, this will be wonderful in a zillion ways, and no words will be able to define how beautiful it's going to be. So freeze the dates and head on over (wallets in tow)!