So Delhi

Here's All You Need to Know About The Mindblowing Street Art Show Happening Now

Someone wisely said that “The Earth without art is just ‘EH’” and in tune with this idea, Delhi bid adieu to its boring mundane bare walls and splashed it with some life, character and that much-needed vibrancy! 

And so we headed to Tughlakabad for the opening of Work in Progress (WIP), a walk through installation installed in the Inland Container Depot (ICD) to see what the buzz was all about and we weren’t disappointed! 

Vibrant hues and pops of colours, interesting music, mind boggling art and yummy food - such was the opening of WIP!

The highlight of the day was Neil Shoe Meulman’s live art. The Netherlands based artist wrote people’s names on the wall and later called it the “Delhi Traffic”.

Schedule | To spread more knowledge and awareness about street art, there will be exciting and invigorating events every Sunday of this month - 

7th Feb | A DIY day, the first Sunday will witness interesting DIY workshops and talks with artists followed by a live band performance in the evening. 

14th Feb | The next Sunday is the graphic design day which will focus on creative graphic design talks along with interesting video screenings in the evening.
21st Feb | They’ll be organizing colour based workshops and talk about Urban Art and Space.

28th Feb | To make sure the event ends on a happy and a knowledgeable note the last Sunday of the month will witness street art culture 101 to showcase the various forms of street art like beatboxing followed by the closing ceremony!

With a staunch belief that street art has the ability to build the local pride, this festival paves the path to making people more conscious about their surroundings - it seems like the festival is an art and environment revolution for the city. Go witness it for yourselves!

Where | Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad
Nearest Metro Station | Tughlakabad
Timings | 12 PM-6 PM
Best Day to Visit | Sunday
On Till | 28th Feb