Delhi without Metro is like pizza without cheese and waffles without Nutella - simply unimaginable! Ever since it came into being, metro has been a saviour to all us Dilliwalas and we can’t imagine a day without it. Bringing Delhi closer, the recently opened Pink Line is exactly what we needed. So scroll on to know everything about this new member of the metro family!  

1. You Can Finally Take That ‘5 Minute Aur’ Wala Sleeping Time 

For all those who use #Travellers on all their social media posts ‘cause they *literally* spend half of their lives travelling and changing metros, it’s time to rejoice because Pink Line is finally here! Having connectivity with three of the biggest stations - Azadpur, NSP and Rajouri Garden, this line will reduce your travel time between Dwarka 21 (Blue Line) and Rithala (Red Line) by over 16 minutes and Rajouri Garden and Azadpur by nearly 23 minutes *woohoo*. 

2. The New & Improved Version Of Tarzan, The Wonder Car

This delightful Pink Line metro will feature the new UTO (Unattended Train Operations) or driverless trains ‘cause of the highly precise automation technology that it uses *NAICE*. Which also means you get that Tarzan, the Wonder Car feels in real life - how cool is that?!  

3. Time To Finally Attend Those Morning Lectures?

This wonder train (yes, we’re calling it that from now on), for the first time ever will connect the North and South Campuses of Delhi University *say whaaaa*, which means that you can reach your college in North campus from South Delhi (and vice versa) in just 40 minutes *YAY*!

4. This One’s As High As A 7-Storey Building

Another great thing about The Pink Line is that this line has the highest track where the trains will run at a height of 23.6 metres which is literally equivalent to a seven storey building *WOAH*! That’s not all, with a 59 kms long track, this line has the longest route too.  

5. Our Beloved NSP Deserved It All!

Picture Credits: Tony Lai

NSP has been a food hub for all the North Diliwalas for years now but due to the lack of better connectivity, the rest of the city was left untouched by its magic *sad sigh*. But, not anymore! For all those travelling from North and West Delhi who actually change 3 metros to reach here can breathe a sigh of relief ‘cause with Pink Line in action, NSP’s new metro station will bring this place closer to the two interchange stations - Azadpur and Rajouri Garden.

 In simpler words, you guys will be able to save at least 30 minutes of travel time, now that’s a big relief!  

6. ‘Tis Time To Open The (Disabled) Friendly Gates

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love this new line already, the lovelies at DMRC have given us some more! All the 12 stations which are now open for public use will be having screening doors and disabled friendly gates. You go DMRC!

7. And The 2nd Largest Interchange Station Award Goes To Lajpat Nagar!

Seems like South Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar Metro Station will soon become the second Rajiv Chowk! The Lajpat Nagar Metro Station is gonna be the 2nd biggest interchange station of Delhi Metro as soon as the work for Phase IV comes to an end. With 3 lines intersecting at this station, this station will surely become one of the busiest stations in Delhi! 

8. Airport Like Feels At The Metro Stations, Cool Eh?

For the first time Dilliwallas will get to use travelators outside of the airport! Yep, you heard us right, the Rajouri Garden interchange station, connecting Dhaula Kuan and South Campus, will have 4 travelators and will open for operations in June *Happy Dancing*! Also, the coaches will have colour-coded seats with LCD screens displaying the next metro station. Awesome!

So, this is all that went into making the Pink Line the coolest thing this summer!