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'Help Delhi Breathe' Campaign at Jantar Mantar Pushes for a Cleaner Delhi

Praying for the odd-even scheme to end (at least all the men!) as soon as possible, most of us heaved a sigh of relief on the 15th but here’s something you didn't know - several groups came together and organised a campaign - ‘Help Delhi Breathe’ to make people realize the scary harms of all that pollution you’re breathing in right now!

The focal point of this protest held at historic Jantar Mantar was participants wearing anti-pollution masks bearing posters demanding cleaner air for the city and Greenpeace activists wandering around in T-shirts bearing the slogan "#ILOVEMYLUNGS". 

Help Delhi Breath’s not about vehicular rationing, but they’re all for the government’s efforts to make Delhi happily pollution free! You go Help Delhi Breathe!

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